Noorvana is an ethical knitwear clothing brand providing custom handmade fits.

The clothes are designed and crocheted by Noor 'Noorvana' Shubar and two passionate knitwear product developers re-make it using a knitting machine, according to the relevant body measurements provided by the customer. We are all based in the UK. The cotton (100% cotton) and elastic (81% nylon 19% lycra) yarns we use comes from Italy and are processed from start to finish under strict European standards, including Oeketex dyeing standards which ensure total conformity to safety and work ethics.

Our pieces are handmade; the machine is not automatic, it is a manually manipulated tool which involves intensive and highly skilled labor as well as thorough understanding of knitwear, silhouettes and catering to custom measurements. Unlike mass production, there are slight differences in each piece when it comes to handmade clothing, thus every individual item is one of a kind.

Our pieces are made to fit like a glove, using yarn that is soft to the touch, making our garments flattering, breathable and comfortable. With Noorvana, You don’t need to worry about if we “do plus size” or your breasts, or lack thereof, or your love handles. Let ur body do it’s thing. Our job is to cater to you, you don’t have to change your body to dress desirably.

We are an ideal place to shop if you are also making the conscious effort to avoid sweatshop labor and unethical living wages as everyone at Noorvana is paid a fair wage.

Thank you for supporting designers who dream of creating art for a living!

Love & Light,